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Elite Services Cleaning

Commercial and Residential 25 years experience!

Stripping, Waxing and Buffing
Terrazzo and VCT (vinyl composition tile) are popular flooring choices for Commercial and residential spaces.  With proper maintenance this flooring will look beautiful for decades. Does your floor look dull, stained, or soiled? We have 25 years of experience on how to make your floors look new again. Regular cleaning plus periodic stripping, waxing, sealing and buffing will dramatically prolong the life of your investment.  Call us today for a no obligation quote.

Why choose Elite Services?

  • We use Ultra High Speed propane equipment, Auto Scrubbers
  • From large department stores to your small local business we can handle your       floor care needs
  • Eco-Friendly chemicals available
  • Stripping and waxing -
  • Regular Maintenance -



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Do your floors look similar to this? They are not ruined, just need a good cleaning and waxing.
How would you like them to look like this? Give us a call and you could be looking at this tomorrow!