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Elite Services Cleaning

Commercial and Residential 25 years experience!

Ceramic Tile and Grout

Elite Services is the only local Tile cleaning specialist in the Quad States area.  From Ceramic, Quarry, Marble, Travertine, Terra Cotta, and other natural stone we can clean, seal, or shine your floor.

We use state of the art cleaning technology. The Torrent hard surface cleaning machine has been specifically engineered to deep clean porous hard surfaces like tile and grout (see "before" image on right), concrete, and stone by putting down a stream of high pressure water and immediately vacuuming it up. 

The Torrent cleans, rinses, and removes soil and water all in one cleaning pass, resulting in a "like new" finish like the image below.  These results can't be equaled by any other cleaning system.

We can preserve and restore the finish of your tile floors and walls, saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs. 





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